4 Tech Pros About us (Staten Island Computer Repair)

4 Tech Pros was created in 2010 by a few technicians with a passion for technology and a desire to provide a professional Computer repair at an affordable price. After analyzing various repair companies we realized that consumer costs for repairs were too high compared to prices for new machines. Our competitors have made it cheaper and more feasible to buy a new computer than to fix or upgrade an older model. We believed that the current price structure must change and felt the only way to provide a cost effective solution was to remove all overhead costs normally associated with local repair shops and then pass the savings onto our customers.

What we do and why we do it?

  • Provide drop off and pickup locations around Staten Island by partnering with local businesses for our customers convenience
  • Buying parts from respected well established wholesalers which will guarantee quality so a second repair is never needed for the same issue.
  • Providing free warranties on all work done for up to 6 months to give you peace of mind knowing that your machine will operate properly.
  • Providing Remote assistance to all customers in case of future inquiries or for help with installing new equipment. We can guide you through your own printer installations if need be.

Our Qualifications

                 Every Technician we will ever send you will be Comptia A+ certified which is the industry standard for any computer repair technician. Asides from the A+ cert we carry many vendor based Certificates such as HP, Lenovo, Dell desktop/laptop/windows 8 support as well as the Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) certificate which allows us to provide repair services without violating the terms of your manufacturer warranties. Our network technicians will be Comptia Net + certified which demonstrates the technicians competence in regards to networking standards and protocols. Our network Tech’s will also have at a minimum the Cisco CCNA certificate which is the industry leader in network products, and offers a test that truly challenges a candidates knowledge of all network protocols and there proper usage.

Our Values

The values here at 4 Tech Pros are simple take care of the customer by putting yourself in their shoes, we tell our technicians to treat our customers the same way they would treat a family member. Since we are a company that depends on referrals our customers are first and foremost our top priority.  The reason we call ourselves 4 tech pros is because of the rigorous process we go through to insure quality control with our repairs, 4 tech’s must clear a computer before it is released to our customers. We believe a computer should always be a resource to help you make a profit not a reason to hold you back financially. Technology needs to be affordable to make a truly positive influence on an individual so allow us to provide you great service at an even greater price. Located in Staten Island and proudly serving most of NY we offer the convenience of on-site service for the price of an in-store visit with your needs in mind. To schedule an appointment or to get a quote please visit our contact page and give us a call or shoot us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.